Create installers that can download files from a server


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GetRightToGo is an application that can create installers that download all the files they need to complete an installation from the web, as you open them.

As you might know, some installers, when you open them, download the files they need to install a specific program directly from the Internet.

This is basically what GetRightToGo does. It creates installers with a minimum size and downloads the rest of the files needed for the installation from the Internet.

To create the installer, you don't need any programming skills or knowledge: just select the files to be downloaded for the installation, and their location on the server.

GetRightToGo also lets you configure certain options, like the number of connections it will use and the maximum transfer speed it allows.

GetRightToGo is fully functional, but it's only a trial version. You shouldn't distribute any software you create using this tool if you haven't registered the application first.

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